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Follow in the footsteps of royalty: King Charles III’s top holiday destinations

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 3 May 2023 | Created: 3 May 2023

Shortly after his coronation on 6th May 2023, King Charles III will likely head off on a world tour. While some of his stops will be for official state visits, like many of us, His Majesty will also probably want to enjoy some time at his favourite places. 

But what are some of our new King’s most beloved destinations?

We’ve compiled a list of 4 of his top hotspots, so why not plan a trip to some of them and travel like royalty?


The King has made 18 official visits to Italy and enjoyed plenty of holidays there. With so much rich culture and history, it’s not surprising that Italy is popular with Charles III. Italy has something for everyone. His Majesty is particularly keen on Rome and the Vatican. He visited in 2017 with Queen Camila, and met the Pope.

A trip to Rome and the Vatican will give you lots of things to explore. Tour the Colosseum and other Roman ruins, or take in the majesty of the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel.

Afterwards, you can enjoy some of the fantastic local food. To taste the real Italy, look for cafes and restaurants tucked down side streets, rather than next to the tourist attractions.


Picture shows a picturesque view of the clear seas of Malta.

This tiny island in the Mediterranean was where the 5-year-old Charles made his first-ever official visit, alongside his mother and sister, in 1954. Sun-drenched Malta is still a favourite destination for the King, and it’s easy to see why.

Mata offers luxury for less than you might expect and has incredible weather year-round. Enjoy fantastic food and welcoming locals as you take in the frequent festivals on this hidden gem of the Med.

With flight times slightly over 3 hours from the UK, Malta is perfect for a short-haul getaway.


The picture shows a beach in Barbados. The sky is blue, the sand golden, and the sea azure blue.

While it may no longer have the monarch as head of state, Barbados is still part of the Commonwealth and likely to be on the Caribbean leg of Charles’ coronation tour. The island is a particular favourite of the King; he was there in 2021 when the country declared itself a republic and has visited it many times.

The beaches are the star of the show on Barbados and may be some of the best in the Caribbean. Every beach is a tropical paradise, and the locals are friendly and welcoming.

Corfu, Greece

Picture shows a church on top of a hill in sunny Corfu.

Corfu in Greece is probably the King’s favourite holiday destination of all. He is an avid fan of Greece and has visited countless times. In 2018, Charles told an Athenian newspaper, “Greece is in my blood, and I have long had a fascination for her ancient culture and history.”

The island has fantastic weather throughout the year and crystal-clear waters. If you’re looking to explore the many historical monuments, walk through the incredible landscapes, or enjoy the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, Corfu is a destination fit for a King.

Wherever your travels take you, remember to buy your Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip.

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