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Our National Poetry Day 2022 winner and honourable mentions

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 4 November 2022 | Created: 19 October 2022

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 12:00 pm

To celebrate National Poetry day on the 6th of October, we asked you to send us your original poems about travelling or AllClear. We were blown away by the number of entries, with over 130 of you sending us your work.

The quality of the entries was excellent and ensured that picking a winner was no easy task. You can read the winner below, along with 8 of our other favourites. Thank you to everyone who entered, and we hope you enjoy reading the fantastic poems below. Don’t worry if you missed out; you can always enter next year.

The Winner

Travel poem entry by Diana Oughton

My husband and I have had a good life
Nearly 45 years as husband and wife
Throughout those years we’ve travelled a lot
Mostly overseas, mainly somewhere hot
We’ve been very lucky, seen lots of sights
Been swimming with dolphins, seen the northern lights
We’ve been on some cruises, lots of flights
And now that we’re getting these cold winter nights
We’ll travel some more, have lots of adventures
Especially now, Dave has dementia
But wherever we go it’s good to know
That All Clear is there protecting us so,
We’ll go where we can, while we can
And not be a grumpy woman or man
We’ll make the best of what we’ve got
And though our lives may change a lot
The plans we have are to carry on
Until our travelling days are gone.

Runners Up

Travel poem entry by David Aitken

The hot summer’s passing with little trace
Soon, we’ll be clutched in winter’s icy embrace
Falling leaves lie dying at our chilly feet
In a couple of months it’ll be snow and sleet
Wrap up warmly, scarves gently unravel
And gaze at these deals that invite you to travel
To warmer climes with food, sand and wine
The Airport’s a nightmare but tonight we’ll be fine
Kids exhausted, excited by the pool
Enjoying the release from the rigours of school
IN a climate with rain, dark skies and all grey
It’s important to plan that longed for getaway
To wake up each day with a sky so blue
It resets the perspective so enjoy that view
Returning home, well bronzed, spirits restored
Travel is uplifting and you’re never bored.
So leave that pot on the stove gently cooking
Get on the laptop and make that booking!

The Flight by John Wilshaw

Feel the effect,the transformation,
The sudden change of elevation.
The incline turns to a levelling out,
The stewardess is moving about.
An hour goes by on my flight to the sun,
A two week break to have some fun.
On the beach in the sea whatever I choose,
Maybe a spa or an afternoon cruise.
I cannot wait as the engines start to change sound,
We approach the strip and the sun drenched ground.
We’ve landed now but the engines still roar,
Now we are standing,they open the door.
With luggage on hand I make for the coach,
As the holiday courier sees my approach.
Away we go and within an hour ,
I’m in my room and into the shower.
Down to the bar to socialise
Enjoy drink and familiarise

Travel poem entry by Philip Uzzell

I love to visit countries abroad
The fantastic memories I love to hoard
The places visited I enjoy the most
Are often surrounded by a beautiful coast
Sometimes it’s culture we wish to hear more
Or places of interest we wish to explore
Sometimes it’s the sun, just lounging around
Lying on the beach as the sea waves pound
Lately problems caused by lack of staff
Airport queues are not a laugh
Security is absolute
Passengers must remain mute
So as OAPs we look closer to home
Finding paces we wish to roam
This country has lots to offer and see
So if you’re asking, that’s where we’ll be.

Holidays by Nicole Stuart

Holidays are great fun,
But it makes you sad when they are done.
A time to create lovely memories,
While you recharge your batteries.
Safari, beach, cruise or Ski,
Whatever your choice may be.
Take the time to unwind,
And empty your busy mind.
A holiday is a rest,
I like to explore, the best.
Try the local cuisine,
A change from the daily routine.
Make the most of every day,
While in the sun you lay.
Enjoy a dip in the pool,
But remember to stay cool.
Photos are a must,
For when your mind starts to rust.
You can look back on your holiday,
With a hip hip hooray.

Travel poem entry by Irene Benn

It’s so good to travel, to see the world at large.
To visit places new by plane, train or barge.
We like to explore places new and visit people there,
Relaxing in the sunshine, free of work and care.
We enjoy soaking up the culture of places far away,
If we are lucky enough to get away for longer than a day.
There are many wonderful places, both here and far abroad,
To suit all pockets, whatever you can afford.
Our curiosity is endless to explore some places new,
There are limitless boundaries for the many not the few.
So let your imagination run riot and spread your wings and fly,
High above the clouds in the clear blue sky.
If that does not appeal to you for fear of the jet lag,
Leave behind your airline suitcase and grab a simple bag.
There really is no limit, to the things that you can do,
Whether waiting at the Airport or joining a bus queue.
There are places of beauty and interest within your reach both here and far away,
Some of which you can visit, if only for a day.
Just let your imagination run wild and think where you’d like to be,
Perhaps in foreign places or simply near home paddling in the sea.
So don’t just sit there dreaming and join whichever queue,
Remember it’s for the many and not just for the few.

Travelling by Chris Emery

By plane, train, boat, a coach or car,
Near to home, or going far,
Travel educates your mind,
As holidays do of any kind.
A change of scene takes you away
From hum-drum stuff of everyday.
A new perspective, different air,
It doesn’t often matter where.
To cruise a river, sail the sea,
You feel that, just for once, you’re free
To hike to places out of reach,
Or just lie with feet up on a beach.
English castles, Scottish lochs,
Irish pubs, Giant’s Causeway rocks,
Listen to a Celtic myth,
Snowdonia and bara brith.
Tramping through Norwegian snow,
Hoping northern lights will show,
African sunset, watch it sink,
Just BE THERE, you don’t have to think.
Arc de Triomphe’s traffic rush,
Hong Kong’s zebra- crossing crush,
People make the world go round,
And lots of places to be found.
Canada’s autumn, colour kissed,
Niagara Falls, on the ‘Maid of the Mist’,
Then it’s down to Californ-i-a,
To cross the bridge over San Fran bay.
The coral reef is there for you,
One of Australia’s things to do,
And Indian colours, Taj Mahal,
Experience a Tarka Dahl!
Arms round shoulders, Zorbas dance,
Join in, while you have the chance,
Spanish tapas in the bars,
Count a million desert stars.
This planet’s large, and yet so small,
We cannot hope to see it all,
It’s changing quickly, over years,
Go, see, before it disappears.

Travel poem entry by Michael White

If you’re looking for Insurance
and your holiday is near
No need to look any further
just log in to Allclear
They’ll cater for your every need
a policy that’s tailor made
you won’t regret your decision
so go ahead, don’t be afraid.

Travel poem entry by R Packham

Nina flew by aeroplane
From Bristol down to Orly
No sooner had she landed but
She began to feel poorly.
“Although I’m feeling bad” she said
“I’ve nothing much to fear
No matter what is wrong with me
I’m insured with All Clear”.