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Over 50s reveal plans for trips abroad for the year ahead

AllClear Team
Last updated 29 March 2021

There are signs that the overseas travel boom for Brits is yet to start – as many as 50% of adults say they will be making their first trip abroad in the next 12 months versus those who have already managed to catch a flight abroad (12%), according to new research from AllClear.

With the Government imposing further quarantine restrictions for those returning home from holiday hotspots like Greece and France, the new research reveals that the travel market is taking on a different shape. Seasonal peaks are no longer, as Brits plan trips for the year ahead during off-peak months – one in seven say they are making plans for an overseas trip in May 2021 (14%).

The survey by MaruBlue for AllClear asked a representative sample of 2,021 adults about their travel plans for the year ahead.

Dispelling the myth that people are only wanting a holiday, half of Brits (48%) are travelling for reasons that have nothing to do with holidays, highlighting more of a need for travel rather than a want.

Whether travelling overseas for a holiday or for non-discretionary purposes, the research suggests that over 50s are keeping safety aspects front of mind when planning their overseas travel and are travelling with caution. Whether it’s lying on a beach or spending quality time with grandchildren, safety issues dominate overseas travel choices made by Brits.


Top reasons why people are travelling

More than a quarter are planning to travel to visit family abroad (27%) – family they may not have been able to see for half a year due to lockdown restrictions. As lockdown saw many major events cancelled, 10% of Brits were travelling abroad to attend a wedding or a christening. For those who have properties abroad, there is a need to travel to visit and ensure everything is in order (9%).

How much?

The over 50s are prepared to spend an additional £1,436 to have better peace of mind on their trips, in areas such as insurance cover and choice of airline. This is relevant for all travelers, regardless of their purpose to travel. The age group most likely to be travelling over the next year, are the ones taking the biggest precautions to ensure they will be safe abroad.

Chris Rolland, CEO of AllClear comments:

“The reality is that people will always need to travel. Despite the Government warnings we need to observe, some people need to travel in these unprecedented times. We know that for a lot of people, they aren’t just looking for a nice holiday abroad, but instead are travelling for specific purposes that lockdown has taken away from them. People want to reunite with family and friends across the globe or to visit their property abroad.

“It’s encouraging to see that safety is a top priority for those who need to travel abroad and at AllClear we want to support people as they travel to ensure they are safe. As people’s priorities change, it’s important that they are choosing the right insurance cover, that’s not full of holes. At AllClear we have designed a very comprehensive COVID-19 insurance package that will help to make travel safe again, for all the reasons people need to travel in the upcoming year.”

More detail on the AllClear COVID-19 policy:

  • Medical expenses – up to £15 million emergency cover for Covid-19
  • Cancellation and trip curtailment cover for COVID-19 – if a family member becomes ill with Coronavirus or has to quarantine as a result of medically diagnosed Coronavirus
  • Full Repatriation – cover on costs to bring you back to the UK
  • Carer expenses – up to £2,000 expenses for a friend or relative to travel from your home area to stay with you
  • Recuperation cover – costs for a continued recuperation stay
  • Emergency flights – costs for your return flight following an enforced stay due to Coronavirus
  • Up to 30 days free extended cover – should your policy expire whilst you are ill with, quarantined or recuperating from COVID-19 on holiday

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