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Post-Lockdown Travel: Home for the Holidays

Written by: AllClear Team
Last updated: 28 June 2023 | Created: 1 December 2020

Last updated on June 28th, 2023 at 04:09 pm

They say home is where the heart is.  For some of us, our heart belongs to the winter sun and we’re counting down the days till we can be back on a white sandy beach. Perhaps, your heart belongs to your loved ones and you can’t wait to see them. No matter which applies to you – Travel makes it all possible. And, as of December 2nd – Lockdown in the UK will have lifted and regional tiers will have resumed – But what does this mean in terms of Post-Lockdown Travel?


Travelling Abroad Post-Lockdown

For those of you looking to travel abroad this Christmas, you may be wondering if the rules differ depending on which tier you currently fall under. So, we’ve broken it down to keep things simple. 

For those in tier 1 and tier 2 – you are permitted to travel abroad to countries on the green list and to travel to tier 3 areas in order to board a flight. 

For those in tier 3 – you are also permitted to travel abroad to countries on the green list.  

This was confirmed by the transport secretary Grant Shapps on the 24th November, he stated that:

“those living in Tier 3 would be able to travel abroad for leisure – but only if they go straight to the airport”.

Downing Street also confirmed that there will be no legal obstruction when it comes to travelling abroad for a holiday. But you will still need to check the latest FCDO advice. 

Where Can You Go on Holiday for Christmas?

So, whether you’re tier 1,2 or 3 – you can travel abroad over the holidays. However, not every country is open to tourism right now. With each country continuously adapting to the ongoing pandemic – new rules and regulations are being brought every day. So, it’s important to keep track of which countries and regions are on the travel corridor list before you plan your trip. You can find more information on Air Bridges in our blog post. For the full list of Travel corridors, click here

Where is the Best Place to Spend Christmas Abroad?

There are many fantastic places to travel to for Christmas. For an exotic Christmas, why not consider Barbados or the Maldives? Both are popular holiday destinations among Britons. With each destination offering a Christmas which is starkly different from that experienced within the UK – mainly due to their year-round sunny climate. 

This year, holidays to Barbados and the Maldives can be found at highly discounted prices. For example, a 7-night package holiday (including flights) to Barbados, can be found for as little as £1207pp

Can You Travel Between Tiers in England?

Under the latest Government advice, you can travel between tiered areas. However, for those travelling from a lower tier to a high tier area – you will need to follow the rules of the higher tier. 

To find out which tier you currently fall under and the tier of the areas you may be travelling to – you can check the Government’s Postcode Tracker.  

Travelling within the UK for the Holidays

Although, it is not yet confirmed what the exact rules will be – we know that COVID-19 restrictions will be eased from the 23rd December – 27th December 2020. 

Every year travel is frantic over the holidays – but with reduced services on some methods of transport to allow for social distancing this year is expected to be busier than ever before. 

Post-Lockdown Travel: Trains 

As normal there will be no train service on Christmas day and limited trains on Boxing day. Therefore to avoid packed carriages it is advised to plan your journey in advance and travel off-peak if possible. 

If you’re planning to travel during this time, Network Rail engineering works are taking place from 23 December to 4 January, with some railway lines closing to allow the work to take place.

Post-Lockdown Travel: Coach

For those wishing to travel via coach – please be aware that there is a reduced service with this year’s Christmas Day Timetable running at around 55% of the locations compared with 2019. So, it’s best to plan journeys in advance to avoid any disappointment, 

National Express has said it will increase its services in the run-up to Christmas, having seen a “significant” increase in traffic to its website since the Christmas Covid rules were announced.

Post-Lockdown Travel: Roads 

Roads, as usual, will be busy over the holidays. To check traffic – click here

Post-Lockdown – Tier 1 UK Holiday Destinations

From December 23rd to 27th – hotels will be able to reopen and COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed. Travel will again be possible. So, if you fancy taking a break over Christmas – you can plan a staycation. 

And, what’s even more exciting is that Tier 1 areas include UK holiday hotspots such as Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. So, you’ll be spoilt for choice, 

However, before booking a trip please continue to check the tier of the areas you may be travelling to – you can check the Government’s Postcode Tracker

COVID-19 Essentials

Regardless of whether you’re travelling abroad or within the UK over the Holiday period – safety is key. So, make sure you take the following items with you on any journey to help protect yourself and others: 

  • A Face covering for when you enter any public spaces. For more information on face masks, click here
  • Antibacterial gel that’s at least 60% alcohol concentration. 

Travel Insurance Post-Lockdown Travel

We’ve all learnt one thing from this year, and that’s how important travel truly is. So, whether you’re travelling abroad for the holidays or travelling within the UK – you’ll need comprehensive travel insurance in place. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are simply looking for enhanced COVID-19 cover – AllClear can help. To find out more, simply click here

How To Travel with Confidence During the Pandemic


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