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Are you preparing to fly abroad this summer? Discover the best and worst airports for 2022.

Written by: Lydia Crispin | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 21 September 2023 | Created: 5 May 2022

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 12:24 pm

2022 will be the year of the GOAT, or “Greatest Of All Travels”, according to Expedia. With 1 in 51 hoping to travel four or more times – this summer is set to be one to remember!

Airports are already preparing for the summer travel boom. Back in March, Heathrow was preparing to hire 12,000 new staff. As passenger levels creep back to pre-pandemic levels, it’s clear that the aviation industry has many holidaymakers with high expectations to handle on the horizon.

Who’s driving the market? The over 65s! Check out the latest facts and figures regarding this summer’s overseas travel trends.

If you’re one of the many hoping to have a holiday, you’ll want to make it as carefree as possible. Choosing the right airport can make a big difference to your travel experience. Read on to discover the best and worst airports in 2022.

How are the Airports rated?

Everything from the design of the terminals to the likelihood of delays to wifi connection was considered when The Daily Telegraph came up with a brand-new ranking of UK airports.

The research was based on Sixteen of the busiest airports.

Results: Best and Worst Airports in 2022

1. London City
2. Gatwick
3. Heathrow
= Newcastle
5. East Midlands
6. Luton
7. Birmingham
8. Liverpool
9. Edinburgh
10. Aberdeen
11. Manchester
12. Stansted
13. Glasgow
14. Belfast International
15. Bristol
= Leeds Bradford

Why London City Airport is the best airport to fly from this summer

It’s not the biggest UK airport, and its range of flights is limited. However, London City Airport claims the top spot due to its abundant charging points (a staggering 1,771 docking stations, to be precise).

Most importantly, nearly 90 per cent of its flights arrived on time. Everyone appreciates a reliable and timeline flight. So, it seems it has rightfully claimed its place as the best airport to fly from in 2022.

Why Bristol and Leeds Bradford Airport are the worst airports to fly from

In stark contrast to London City Airports’ track record for on-time flights, Leeds Bradford saw many flights cancelledmore than 2 per cent of all trips were axed last year. Leading it to take joint last position as the worst airport to fly from.

Bristol airport also ranks in last place. Why? As we enter into a cost of living crisis – understandably, the extortionate drop-off charge of £7 is not well received.

For more details on changes to airport drop off charges and how to avoid a £100 bill, read our guide.

Planning to book a flight for your next holiday?

Chris Rolland, CEO at AllClear, commented: “The wait for a decent holiday has been too long for many – they now want to get away for that much-needed break. At AllClear, we are committed to making travel safe for everyone and anyone worried about safety abroad. We’re here to help.”

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Author notes

Written by Lydia Crispin, MA Content Creator at AllClear
Edited by Letitia Smith, M.Sc. Content Manager at AllClear

1 Based on AllClear’s Annual Survey, January 2022. 2,707 participants.

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