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Travelling with your pets

Lydia Crispin | Communications Assistant
Last updated 18 July 2022
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Brits have long been considered a nation of animal lovers, and with 52% of UK adults owning pets, it’s an accurate description. Pets are a part of our families and can even offer health benefits. It’s hardly surprising that some people don’t want their pets to miss holidays. Travelling with your pets brings its own rewards and challenges.

Check out our tips below if you’re considering taking your beloved pet with you on holiday.

Make sure you have all the correct paperwork

International travel without paperwork is almost unimaginable in the modern day. The same is also true when travelling with your pets. While you no longer need a pet passport for the EU since Brexit, you’ll still need paperwork wherever you travel. You’ll need an animal health certificate (AHC) within the EU. Please check what paperwork your pet needs before you travel and give yourself plenty of time to get it sorted.

Vaccinations for pets are as necessary as they are for people

Many countries will require you pet to have certain vaccinations as a standard before they approve the paperwork. Even if that’s not the case, it’s always worth checking if your vet recommends any vaccinations based on your destination. A sick pet is not a fun addition to your holiday.

Make sure you microchip

Another step some countries require for visiting is a microchip. That helps you if your pet goes missing while you’re abroad. Even if Fido does slip their lead, a microchip with your details will let vets locate and notify you once your pet is found.

Keep them cool

It’s not just people that can have a tough time in the heat. Our four-legged friends can often have a hard time when the mercury rises. Make sure your pet has access to plenty of clean water. If they need walking, do so during the cooler parts of the day, such as early mornings or late at night. Watch your pet for signs of overheating, including heavy panting and loss of energy.

Skip a meal on the day of travel

Pets can find travel a little stressful, leading to some rather unfortunate cases of stress diarrhoea which is the last thing you’ll want to deal with. A lower food intake can help with this and motion sickness. Don’t starve your pet by any means, but skipping the last meal they would typically have before you travel can help avoid a mess.

Would your pet prefer to stay at home?

While we might not want to be separated from them, many animals do not cope well with change. It’s worth considering if you might be better off your pet with a sitter or in a kennel/cattery.

Whether you’re travelling with your pets, or they’re eagerly awaiting your return, keep them cool and healthy this summer.

Author notes

Written by Russell Wallace, Content Creator at AllClear
Edited by Letitia Smith, M.Sc. Content Manager at AllClear

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