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Pancake Day – Quiz Results

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert
Last updated: 24 February 2020 | Created: 24 February 2020
  1. Japanesepancakes are made with eggs, flour and cabbage
  2. The biggest pancake in the world was over 49 feet in diameter
  3. The record for most pancake flips in two minutes is 349
  4. 52 million eggs are consumed in the UK on Pancake Day
  5. In France, it is traditional to touch the handle of the frying pan and make a wish while the pancake is turned, holding a coin in one hand
  6. Pancake Tuesday is known as Carnivale in Italy which comes from the Latin for goodbye to the flesh.
  7. The first pancake recipe appeared in an English cookbook in the 15th century